Interesting Thoughts and Findings About The History Of Knitting and Pointysticks


August 31, 2016


The New Pointy Sticks Exposed – What You Need To Know?

History-of-knittingPerhaps I am a little weird, maybe I think about things too much, but when I am knitting I regularly wonder how knitting itself was ever invented to pointy sticks. As we have discussed before, the act of learning to knit is difficult enough when someone is trying to teach you, so how did anyone ever come up with the idea of creating stitches, around little poles, which when moved in a certain way created a piece of clothing. When you think about it, it is rather impressive.

The Problem Is Wool Full Of Holes

All joking aside, when we try and research the history of sewing, it is a difficult and challenging research piece. As we all know wool only has a limited lifespan, and knitting needles, could have been used for many other jobs in history, so it becomes a real struggle to get any concrete information on the history of knitting.

There Are No Fairy Tales Of Knitting Pointy Sticks

I am inclined to believe that knitting is a relatively recent invention, compared with sewing or weaving for instance. Think back to the story of sleeping beauty, who pricks her finger on a spinning wheel, and history is littered with goddesses of weaving, but there is little if any mention of knitting. Get more here: Get more here:

The 1400’s

The phrase “to knit” was added to the English Dictionary around the 1400’s and there is a common belief that knitting started in the Arab region of the world, and was brought to Europe by the various wars. Details here:

Queen Victoria Loved To Knit

Queen Victoria, was a very enthusiastic knitter, and this no doubt was one of the main driving forces behind the popularity of knitting in England during her reign.


Knitting And Feminism

The popularity of knitting has waxed and waned over the years, but at times of female empowerment, the popularity of knitting has always suffered a significant decline. Many feminist movements have viewed knitting as a sexist job that has been forced upon women throughout history, although interestingly with the advent of manufacturing and cheap materials it is now cheaper to buy a woolen jumper than to make it yourself. With all that being said, the popularity of knitting as a leisure pastime is growing rapidly, amongst both sexes, as it has been found to be both relaxing and excellent for hand-eye coordination.

Knitting During War Times

Believe it or not, during times of war, people have been required to knit warm socks for the soldiers who are on the front line. Again as this would have mostly been women, this could help explain the feminist attitude to knitting pointy-sticks.

Knitting Patterns to go With Knitting Pointy sticks

When it comes to knitting patterns or books, the earliest book to have been discovered so far was from back in the 1700’s. While this might sound very old, compared to other skills such as crocheting and weaving, however, it shows knitting to be a mere baby.

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