Knit up Your Emotions and Creativity


August 11, 2016

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As a child, everyone must with have seen their grannies knitting up the dull yarn into beautiful sweaters and caps with their magical fingers. In olden days knitting was considered to be the most rewarding hobby, but nowadays it is considered “new age yoga”. Knitting is not just the art of interweaving the yarn together but is an artistic way to express one‘s emotions and gives wings to one’s creativity.

For knitting you need the knitting needles, knitting yarn and an abundance of creativity. The two basic stitches for the new knitters to learn are Knit and Purl, and as the person becomes familiar with these knitting skills, he'll be able to learn various other techniques such as the casting on stitches, bind off knitting, increasing stitches, decreasing stitches, knitting in the round, knitting cables, etc. Knitting and crocheting are similar to some extent in both the techniques loops or stitches are pulled in between each other in a unique way to weave the fabric. The points that differentiate knitting from crochet are that in crochet numerous stitches are used at the same time.These engaging loops are used to hold the needles till another loop is pulled through them.While knitting is done with two needles, crocheting requires a single needle.historyheader4th As far as the knitting yarn is concerned, it comes in a variety of thicknesses or weights. These weights determine the sizes of the needles that are going to be used in the knitting of the fabric. Some of the popular knitting yarns are: lace knitting yarn, fingering knitting yarn, sports yarn, light worsted yarn, worsted yarn, bulky wool and last but not the least roving knitting yarn.For all these yarns different sized needles are used. Needles come in different sizes ranging from 000000 to 50 (U.S.A size).

In ancient times needles were mostly made of tortoiseshell, ivory, and walrus tusks but as the time passed by wooden needles, metal needles came into existence in addition to bamboo needles, plastic needles, etc. In the market one can easily get single-pointed needles, double-pointed needles as well circular needles. Knitting technique can be divided into two styles namely weft knitting versus Wrap Knitting, and the class is flat knitting versus circular knitting. Find more here: - 100k factory

In the Weft technique the prominent zigzag pattern can be noticed all over the fabric which is followed in the adjacent columns instead of rows but in the case of wrap, the zigzag design is followed in the adjacent rows instead of columns. In circular knitting, the delicate tube is achieved with the help of casting stitches style while in the flat knitting pattern garment is knitted from the interchange sides.

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Nowadays, knitting can be a great stress reducer. Nicknamed as the “New Age Yoga,” this skill is quite effective in stress-free moments and also boost up the concentration power of the knitter by 100k factory revolution.

Knitting can be a marvelous solution to the problem of the communication gap taking place in many relationships especially in the relation between parents and children. Whenever free a mother, and her child can try their hands at knitting which in turn prove to be a great bonding exercise with 100k factory-

In the end, it can be said; this is certainly one of those skills that can be passed on to next generation for all the good reasons. If you haven't yet tried your hand at knitting, give it a go and see how you like it with 100k factory revolution review.

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